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iconicChat meets Semafor at Gallup in DC discussing the future of AI

Fari Schlake

Dec 7, 2023

Semafor at Gallup event reconfirmed iconicChat's views about putting the people and their communications at the forefront of any technological progress.

Thank you Semafor for inviting iconicChat to be part of this very important event. Once again the discussions proved to us that although we are talking about Tech, at the end, it all comes down to people. It is all about the depth of values, principals, mindset, and boundaries with and upon which the AI is built, taught, and governed. Especially at these early stages, where the foundations are built. Deeper questions about biases and quality of data, violating rights of the others to gain, complying with some socially set rules of ethics are all big part of these values and principles. Another great initiative of Semafor to bring East and West together was impactful. If it is all about the people, then it is all about truthful well-rounded communications.

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